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Automated SMS Marketing and Its Benefits to a Business

Did you know that most Americans look at their phone every 12 minutes on average? That’s about 80 times daily. And what about open rates for SMS messages? A pretty remarkable number: 98%. In other words, people are always checking their cell phones, and these devices are always at hand. In addition, open rates for texts considerably exceed email open rates, which are nowhere above 20%.

Below are specific benefits offered by automated text marketing:

Best Engagement Rate

Truth is, SMS marketing has the best engagement rate compared to other marketing methods. Emails may remain unopened for days, but 90% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes of transmission. Moreover, 95% of adults worldwide own a mobile phone. And having no requirement for an Internet connection, SMS is undisputably the globe’s most widely used method of communication these days. Get more info.

Trackable Platform

Most text marketing services come with trackable platforms at No different from other marketing efforts you may be engaged in, your SMS campaign can be easily managed with the use of your own computer. With a web-based service, there is no need to download any apps or software. Simply log in to their platform and start using their dashboard.

Interactive Features

With SMS marketing, you can receive an almost instant response from your recipients by including a REPLY button or link in your landing page. You can forward short messages that take your prospects back to your site where they are able to connect with your brand.

Instant Message Delivery

Another great benefit offered by text marketing is that you can gain relevant insights pretty fast. After hitting send, your message is transmitted almost immediately. You can program a text message marketing campaign and receive tons of user feedback within minutes. Find out some more facts about text message through

Personal Touch

An extra benefit of SMS marketing is the chance to add a brand-distinctive touch to your text message. Using the words like “your” and “you” is an effective way of capturing people interest.

Boundless Opportunities

Clearly, the opportunities offered by SMS marketing are infinite. From quick user response to gaining clicks and to sales - your own creativity will make anything possible. However, to get the most out of automated text marketing, pick a well-reputed specialist.

Choosing the Right Text Marketing Service

You’ll want your coverage to be as wide as possible, and to reach your efforts’ highest potential, remember that automation is key. There are lots of providers of automated SMSM marketing solutions these days, but make it a point to compare your options before selecting one.

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